Brittany Condominium, Park Shore, Naples FL

Architect: Frank Williams & Partners, New York, NY

This 22 story Post Modern Hi-rise is located on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico in Naples, FL. The challenges on this project included the extensive balustrade on the 21st and 22nd floors, a tight construction time frame and a series of complex Lantern style finials throughout the design. DC Kerckhoff Company worked closely with the Architect on the design of the balustrade to incorporate fourteen foot long preassembled sections that could be lifted into place with no field grouting required.

This balustrade system saved significant time and space on the job site and created a much more consistent look throughout the design on the balconies with all edges finished.

The Lantern Finials were cast in pieces and cast hollow to reduce the weight, then pre-assembled and lifted into place using a specially designed cradle for each size.

  • White color, Medium Keystone Texture.
  • Largest Lantern-style Finial more than 8 feet tall.
  • A four man crew was able to install 154 LF per day of the Balustrade, complete, no additional grouting required.
  • All molds custom fiberglass and concrete.