Disney Polynesian

Architect: Stantec
Contractor: ValleyCrest Landscape Development

Popular theme parks are always thinking of ways to reduce maintenance costs while keeping the materials attractive. At the Polynesian resort, DC Kerckhoff Company was asked to duplicate Sabal Palm tree trunk bollards and planter wall facing in precast concrete to avoid using wood products on the project.

In order to create the random look of actual Sabal palms, we took rubber molds from actual sabal palm trunks and alternated angles, heights and orientation of the palm pattern so that there is no repetition amongst the pieces as one looks down the wall.

  • Color: Double Cappuccino, Form Texture
  • Tops of each piece were hand carved.
  • Lifting loops of polystrand rope were used so that no metal connections would be exposed after installation.
  • Project was completed ahead of schedule.