New York Residence

Architect: Oliver Cope Architects, NY
DC Kerckhoff Company was approached by the Architect and builder for this singular project and after a thorough
vetting of our artistic process and production capabilities, the project was under way.

We partnered with the Architect on design and construction details to create incredible, one-of-a-kind vignettes at every turn. From the shell cartouche over the front door to the Byzantine column capitals on the interior, all the molds were custom for this project.

Every square foot of the exterior is built with structural 4” thick chamfered Cast Stone blocks attached to the wall system with SS stone anchors.

  • Color: Rico, Light Medium Texture
  • Over 50,000 total pieces delivered to Long Island, NY
  • Material tested for resistance to freeze thaw and airborne salt penetration.
  • Detailed packing manifests allowed material to be organized by area and elevation on site.