DC Kerckhoff Company has many Standard styles of Trim and Mouldings from which to select. We also use a variety of
Concrete, Fiberglass and Epoxy Coated Foam molds to create your custom designs in our high quality Cast Stone.

Popular Styles

dck_photo_00000071_thumbIsleworth Mantel Trim

dck_photo_00000078_thumbIsleworth Trim #590

dck_photo_00000075_thumbIsleworth Trim #586

dck_photo_00000079_thumbIsleworth Trim #565

dck_photo_00000081_thumbIsleworth Cornice Molding

dck_photo_00000082_thumbIsleworth Cornice Molding Small

dck_photo_00000083_thumbIsleworth Column Capital Trim

dck_photo_00000084_thumbVenatas Trim

dck_photo_00000088_thumbRingling Entry Surround

dck_photo_00000097_thumbRingling Casing

dck_photo_00000094_thumbRingling Soffit Trim

dck_photo_00000095_thumbGrapevine Cornice

dck_photo_00000109_thumbPhilharmonic Trim

dck_photo_00000110_thumbChampion Surround

dck_photo_00000111_thumbChampion Surround Small

dck_photo_00000112_thumbCustom Trim #2

dck_photo_00000113_thumbChampion Fascia

dck_photo_00000115_thumbCustom Trim #1

Supporting Documents

1. Trim Designs – Comparison PDF


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