Add a wow factor to your landscaping project by adding hardscaping components to complement and enhance living elements.

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In case you haven’t heard the term before, hardscaping is any part of your outdoor landscaping that is manmade, including items made from Cast stone, brick, concrete, metal, or wood. This is as opposed to living plantscape, which generally consists of the flora in your yard.

A modern outdoor design project will incorporate both hard and soft elements working together to create a beautiful and functional outdoor space that acts as an extension of your home for your family and friends to enjoy. If you do it right, your hardscaping could even transform your outdoor space from a traditional yard with pretty flowers and plants to an exciting and unique living space.

Here are a few helpful hardscaping tips that will allow any homeowner to make the most of available outdoor space.

1. Measure Your Space

You can’t really get started planning your hardscaping project until you know what kind of space you’re working with. This knowledge can help you to put together a design and create a budget before starting your project.

2. Plan Ahead

There are two things to consider in the planning process: budget and design. You don’t want to start any hardscaping project if you’re missing one or both of these elements.

If your budget allows, consider hiring a professional to put together a design for you. There are programs you can use to dream up your outdoor spaces on your own, but without a background in design you might end up with a major disaster in your yard.

3. Comparison Shop

Even with a design in place that sketches out the basic layout of your yard, you might not have a firm handle on the hardscape materials and elements you want to include.

Your best bet is to comparison shop, learning about the differences in cost, construction, durability, and aesthetic appeal associated with a variety of materials. Even though you might like the price point of concrete, the look may not appeal to you as much as, say, natural stone. So shop around before making any decisions.

4. Functionality

In design, form follows function. Before you start perusing planter boxes and pavers, you need to make sure that you have considered how you want your yard to function, as well as the role that your intended usage, regional weather, and other environmental factors will play.

5. Aesthetics

Finally, it’s time to think about the element of beauty in your yard. Hardscaping, when done right, can transform your yard into an attractive retreat.

Think about how every paver, planter, and piece of furniture will work together to create a cohesive whole and provide visual appeal, in addition to functional value. You’ll end up with a hardscape that perfectly compliments your living landscape and makes your home more attractive overall.

7 Responses to “5 Helpful Hardscape Planning Tips”

  1. Allen Stillinger

    It was truly helpful how you suggested knowing the space that we will be working with prior to starting the hardscaping project because that will allow us to set the right budget. Sure, I can definitely do that. My mom was suggesting that we get the lawn hardscaped before we sell the house next season. I know that it will increase the value of the property, but it will also be expensive according to my computation. That’s the reason why I liked your tips. Thanks! It will truly go a long way!

  2. Tiffany Locke

    Your advice to check out the different options by checking the cost, construction, durability, and aesthetic appeal is a good idea. When you consider the cost, you’d probably want to ensure you include the price of the hardscape installation professional. In order to do this, you’d probably want to research the different professionals and check out their hardscape installations and other services in order to find one that will be able to help you and is affordable.

  3. Deb Pearl

    Thank you for all the hardscape planning tips. My husband and I really want to add some hardscape to our lawn, but we don’t know how to plan for everything. I think that is a really great idea to make sure we measure our space before we start. It would be easier to plan out everything if we knew the size of our yard.

  4. Taylor Bishop

    Thanks for this advice for hardscaping projects. I didn’t know it could be good to hire some professionals to help make a design. This seems useful especially if you don’t know what features you need to consider for a hardscaping project to look good.

  5. Ellie Davis

    I loved that you mentioned budget and design are one of the most important factors to consider when planning a landscape remodeling. My husband and I moved to our new house, and we are looking for advice to remodel our patio. I will let him know about your recommendations to plan our remodeling project properly.

  6. Derek McDoogle

    My sister is very excited now that she found a nice house with a huge backyard. I appreciate how you suggest considering hiring a professional to put together a design for you. I will recommend her to set a budget so that she can have a great outdoor space in her house.

  7. Ellie Davis

    My wife and I moved to our new house, and we are looking for advice to remodel our backyard. I had no idea that it is recommended to hire a professional designer to help you with your landscape remodeling project. I will make sure to follow your recommendations to plan our landscape remodeling project properly with the help of a professional.


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