7 Premium Picks for Precast Concrete Furnishings

1. Sentro Benches

Chic oak bench, perfect for group projects. They match the Centro table collection well, with a strong oak frame and a variety of fabric options.

2. Slab Benches and Button Seating

Slab benches are versatile, durable seating for any space and Button seating are sophisticated comfort for sofas and chairs. Both combine durability and aesthetics seamlessly.

3. Slab Benches at Park's Edge

Slab benches in parks, often made of natural stone or concrete, provide durable, low-maintenance seating that seamlessly blends with the natural environment.

4. Trail Bollards

Trail bollards are spaced posts along trails, improving safety and wayfinding for hikers and bikers, seamlessly integrating with the natural surroundings.

5. Bike Racks at the Park

Park bike racks provide cyclists a secure, eco-friendly parking spot, promoting healthy lifestyles and seamlessly blending with the park's design.

6. Butterfly Chairs

Butterfly chairs feature a distinctive folding frame and sling-like seat, known for their iconic design and versatility in various indoor and outdoor spaces.

7. Encounter Table and Chair Set

Encounter table and chair sets provide coordinated, collaborative furniture solutions for shared spaces, often found in offices or communal areas.