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It’s an exciting thing as a homeowner to begin landscaping your backyard. Landscaping is like a blank canvas – the possibilities are endless. You can cultivate a massive vegetable garden with twenty different species of tomato; or you can pave over the whole area and build a basketball court. But one thing is certain: water features always add to the landscape of a home.

Whether you decide to add a fountain or build a koi pond, water is always a crowd-pleaser. Even your hypothetical basketball court would benefit from the addition of a fountain, just think of how much easier it will be to fill up your water bottle after a particularly tough game! But how do you begin choosing the best water feature for your backyard?

Here are a few ideas for you to consider when picking a water feature for your landscaping.

1. Tiered Fountains

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s pretty difficult to go wrong with a fountain. There are dozens of different styles and sizes you can choose if one particular variety doesn’t work for you. In choosing a fountain, it’s important to first decide what kind of style you are creating with your entire backyard landscaping. A neatly manicured yard wants for an equally neat and tidy fountain. Consider a three-tiered fountain to draw the eye as a focal point. It’s a graceful and stately construction without being gaudy. It’s up to you – but again, the possibilities are endless!

2. Japanese Fountains

The Japanese are famous for their fountains and the gardens that house them. Japanese fountains are typically designed with a very simple and sleek style. They are usually built of wood, natural stone, and/or bamboo. Much smaller than a classic three-tiered fountain, a Japanese fountain is compact enough to occupy a corner of your yard.

The purpose of a Japanese fountain is to suffuse the space with the tranquil sound of running water, but not to distract from the natural beauty of the landscaping. Therefore, if you’re going for a “zen” vibe to your backyard haven, consider installing a little Japanese fountain. You can enjoy the pleasure of unwinding in your yard at the end of the day, with the musical sound of burbling water soothing your nerves.

3. Waterfall Ponds

Ponds add a natural beauty to any yard; and, in the same way that there are so many ways to design a fountain, there are dozens of different designs available to you in building your pond. It’s a simple task for a landscape designer to build a custom pond; but it’s also possible to buy a kit from any big box store for an inexpensive option.

One common variety is a waterfall pond. This is basically a more natural-seeming way to add a fountain to your backyard landscaping. A waterfall pond will certainly draw the eye and the admiration of any visitors you might have, so be sure when you’re building it that you want this pond to be the center of attention in your yard.

4. Natural Ponds or Streams

If you have one of those aforementioned Tropical yards, you may very well opt for the natural look with your pond. Although it’s manmade, this style of pond looks like the sort of little pond you’d stumble across in a forest or a meadow. If you’re feeling very ambitious, you can also invest in some native water plants and some fish to add color and character to your pond.

5. Spa

This is probably the most popular water feature you can possibly utilize in your backyard; Relax after a long day or with friends on the weekend. A spa can become a true sanctuary.

These are only a few ideas for backyard water features; a cursory look at any garden supply shop or consultation with a landscape architect will reveal dozens of fantastic ideas for your home. Take a look around to find the fountain, pond or spa that is best for your yard!

9 Responses to “Five Water Feature Options for Your Backyard”

  1. Tammie Houston

    Of all your suggestions, the natural pond themed fountain is what appealed to me the most, especially since I’m a nature lover. I want to have the relaxing feel of nature in my backyard. However, if ever I will get one, I think I’d prefer choosing a fountain that is solar-powered so it doesn’t consume electric energy. I do plan on having a fountain as soon as I can, so I’ll make sure to keep your suggestions in mind. Thanks!

  2. Emery Jean Chambers

    It sure was nice when you mentioned that if the person wants a
    “zen” look to the garden, they should consider the Japanese fountain. I am not sure about the “zen” thing since I do not know exactly what it is. But since my sister did mention that she wants that kind of theme for the garden, then I guess I will suggest that she go for the all natural Japanese fountain. Thank you!

  3. Heidi Bookenstock

    I’ve always wanted to add a water feature to my garden, but wasn’t sure what kind would look best. I wasn’t even sure how many different kinds of water features there were. I really appreciate this article listing options and information about each, like a simple, natural Japanese fountain to add the soothing sound of running water to a garden.

  4. Dino Violante

    Thank you for pointing out that since there are a lot of fountain designs, the person needs to determine first the style they are aiming for in the garden before choosing. We have discussed the type of garden we want, and my sister mentioned wanting a fairytale look. That’s why I am thinking she wants a large, stand-alone fountain that is similar to the ones found in a castle. I’ll see what I can do.

  5. Kit Hannigan

    Thanks for explaining how Japnese fountains involve a lot of wood, natural stone, and bamboo. I really feel like getting one of this type of fountains in my yard can help me improve my stress levels after a long day of work. It certainly looks like I’ll have to start looking for professional landscape design services that can help me with this project.

  6. Bree Ward

    I agree that in choosing a fountain design, you must consider what’s gonna fit your entire landscape so that it’s gonna blend and compliment well. Thanks for suggesting outdoor fountain as one of the most beautiful backyard water features. My mother is planning to put up a fountain in our property. I will advise her to find the best style that can match our landscape design.

  7. Gerty Gift

    I liked how you said that it’s important to consider the rest of your garden’s style when choosing a fountain. My husband and I have been watching more and more gardening shows and are getting motivated to try making our backyard into a garden space. We’ve liked the idea of using a fountain and I understand why you would say that you need to consider the style of your garden so that you find a fountain that really fits with the rest of what you have going on out there.

  8. Taylor Bishop

    I wanted to thank you for explaining what water features could be good to have for your backyard. I hadn’t considered waterfall ponds could be a way to have a more natural-seeming fountain to your landscape. This seems it could be ideal if you want the fountain to blend in with the rest of the backyard.

  9. Stefan Bradley

    I’m glad that you talked about Japanese fountains and how their compactness is used to relax people without drawing too much attention away from the landscaping. My wife and I have wanted a fountain for our yard, but do not have a lot of space in our back yard for a large fountain. It’s good to know that we can have a compact fountain that doesn’t take much space.


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