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Frequently Asked Questions

What Currency are your prices in?

DC Kerckhoff Company’s prices are in USD currency.

Where can I purchase your product in our area?

DC Kerckhoff Company’s products are proudly made in America and shipped from our Florida manufacturing facility. You can request a quote using our order forms, or our contact us page.

Can you manufacture custom colors?

Absolutely. In fact, custom colors are one of our specialties. Our custom capabilities extend far beyond the color palette. Contact us today to learn more about how we can bring your vision to life.

How long do shop drawings take?

Approximately 5 to 10 days for simple projects, such as pools and hardscape.

Are paver and precast samples available?

Sample boxes or individual color samples can be requested from your free account upon registration. Log in and select the help tab where you can check a box to request samples. We also have literature and product brochures available on our resources page and in the products section of our site..

How long will it take to receive my samples?

Approximately 3 to 5 working days. If needed faster, please contact us at the factory at 239-597-7218.

How much do your pavers weigh per square foot?

1” Thick – 12lbs, 1-½" Thick – 18lbs, 2” Thick – 24lbs

Can I get a different color than pictured for the traction strip on treads?

No, the DC Kerckhoff Traction Strip is integral to the casting of the treads, and is made by exposing the aggregate.

How are products shipped?

Smaller quantities are shipped via common carrier and can ship directly to a jobsite or residence with liftgate service (if requested) and 24-hour delivery notice. Larger orders would be shipped on a flat-bed trailer and would require a fork-lift onsite for unloading. Or in some cases, for local deliveries, by our crane-equipped trucks.

Where can I purchase your product in our area?

DC Kerckhoff Company’s products are proudly made in America and shipped from our Florida manufacturing facility. You can request a quote using our order forms, or our contact us page. For standard paver and coping items, please see our convenient order forms.

Can you match your standard paver colors to previously completed jobs?

Yes, with limits as well. DC Kerckhoff Company has been manufacturing for over 40 years, so we have thousands of completed projects. We just need the job name when built and we can pull up the archive data on the job.

What is the maximum thickness of our pavers?

Maximum thickness of our standard paver is 2” thick. However, if a thicker unit is needed for use as a large scale paver, coping, or stair tread, we do offer custom precast concrete to match the pavers.

What are the minimum thicknesses for proper paver installations?

Thickness is dependent on the overall size and use of the paver. If the paver is 12”, 18”, or 24” square they can be manufactured at 1” thick. If the unit is 30” square, minimum thickness is 2” If the unit is 36” square, minimum thickness would be 2-½" thick. These minimum thicknesses are only correct, however, when the pavers are solidly set in mortar, thinset, or bituminous, or used vertically. If set on a loose system, such as sand set on pedestals, minimum thickness would increase by ½."

Continuing Education

We always look to imparting knowledge to others about our processes and industry.

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Client Testimonials

It is with great confidence that I put forward this recommendation of DC Kerckhoff Company. I have worked with Laura and Dan on the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World since November 2012. DC Kerckhoff has proven themselves to be reliable and professional. They are a partner that can be relied on from start to finish. Their breath and depth of knowledge combined with their reliability qualifies them for such a demanding project. Given my experience with DC Kerckhoff, I would not hesitate to use them in the future.

ValleyCrest Landscape Development
Jeff Sievers, Project Engineer

Rockstar pools would highly recommend D. C Kerckhoff. We have worked with them for a few years and they are always exceptional, Professional and knowledgeable. They go above and beyond each time when installing the coping for our pools.

Rockstar Pools and Waterfalls
Company Owner

Have been using Kerckhoff for the last 2yrs for various projects and they continue to surpass the competition.

All Seasons Pools
Corbet Vaupel, Pool Contractor

Aireko Construction and the Arch. Mario Corcino are very proud of the Catano City Hall in which D. C. Kerckhoff provided the cast stone. The City Hall is a very fine structure and we all agreed that D. C. Kerckhoff did an excellent casting.

Aireko Construction
Engineer Angel E. Rodriguez, Vice President of Operations, Aireko Construction

We, at Dee Brown, Inc., are extremely proud of the work we accomplished in collaboration with D.C. Kerckhoff on the Opryland project. Opryland was recognized as Winner of the Hardscape, Landscape & Restoration Category at the 2004 UMCA Golden Trowel Awards. D. C. Kerckhoff received the Material Supplier Award for their contribution to this project.

Dee Brown, Inc
Robert V. Barnes, III, Vice President Estimating/Marketing, Dee Brown, Inc., Garland, Texas

To all the staff at D.C. Kerckhoff, Thanks for your fine work.

Mariner Properties, Inc.
Rick Burger, Mariner Properties, Inc., Fort Myers, Florida

We are most thankful for the paving stones supplied by the D.C. Kerckhoff Company for the east wing garden for the Philharmonic Center for the Arts. I know that they will be admired for many years into the future.

Myra Janco Daniels
Myra Daniels, President and CEO, Philharmonic Center for the Arts, Naples, Florida
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